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"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you" - Ralph Emerson

Find out, what lies inside of you so you can use it to build your better life.

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What does a "better life" mean anyways?


You might be asking yourself this question, I get it

Let's be honest, lots of "self-development" people throw these words around, with little explanation of what it actually means and what that means to you:

A better life is...

  • How you're showing up in all situation... stressed/overwhelmed or happy confident.
  • Having crystal clarity of what your goals are with actionable steps towards achieving themKnowing what you stand for and what you choose to ignore
  • Identifying how to keep going when you just don't feel like it on those tough and dark days
  • Confidence, not only in yourself, but in how you're doing in life
  • What you say when you're not saying anything at all...think about what that could mean in ALL aspects of your life

Yes, Building a Better Life is THAT Important, Guys!

Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk and feel the difference

Eric is a truly remarkable coach. He has incredible ability to know people and to say just the right thing when you need it most. Eric is one of those individuals you can always count on to help get you to where you want to go. He’s filled with a wealth of knowledge and tools to show you the way. I highly recommend!!
- Nick B.

Your Life is Only As Good As Your Awareness…

In fact, your awareness will do 90% of the shaping of your life. SO, if you're not aware of how you're showing up, and the options you have in every situation then you could be just getting by and struggling to see the point each day. 

This isn't talked about too much in the male world. In fact, most self-development guru's like to tell you things like F**** our feelings, they mislead you. To get ahead, you need to get disciplined and just get stuff done....whether you actually want to or not. This just leads you down a road of burnout, frustration and ultimately some form of depression because you feel like something is wrong with you. 

Confession Time: I did that...for a while. I would just keeping pushing, grinding, hustling and guess what happened?

It sounds heroic when you talk about it, but the end result was that I didn't know why I was doing what I was doing, where I was headed but knew I just needed to keep going. It was like I was building a house without any plans...just laying brick by brick even when I was putting these bricks on sandy soil and it would wash away all my results. (Ever been there?)

It wasn't until I realized my existing framework wasn't getting me the results I wanted in my life and I needed a change. Once I built the right framework, I got killer results in EVERY aspect of my life. A framework that would life me up and keep my energy tank filled instead of going through life on E hoping for a win.


Who is the Build a Better Life Program for, really?

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This program is NOT for the know it all guys or for guys who tear other guys down


If you are a guy that feels lost in his life, overwhelmed, burned out and wishing you could figure out how to start living the life you're imagining, please keep reading.

Do any of these sound like you?

    • You are going through the motions, getting up every day to live life but just can't seem to get out of bed in the morning
    • You've read numerous self-improvement books, but are getting spotty results
    • You would love some help in getting a framework for your life, from someone who has spent the past decade in testing what works and doesn't work in the self-improvement industry so you can get the cheat codes
    • You see other guys living the "easy life" where life just happens for them and they are doing things you wish you could do....more money, fulfilling relationships, happier, stress-free and ultimately enjoying super health with tons of energy
    • Looking to connect with other guys who are supportive and ready to help you instead of trying to compete with you every step of they way or worse yet making fun of you for improving

What's Included In The Build a Better Life Group Coaching Program...


The Short Version:
One stop shop, you'll be armed with proven strategies that will help you build the framework for your best life, make powerful shifts in every aspect of your life, all while doing it with other men who are building their journeys. 


Proven Strategies


I'll share with you the exact process I've used to not only hep myself, but help countless men identify how to make lasting changes that redefines who they are as a man. 

Weekly Coaching to Learn & Get Your Questions Answered


We will meet weekly, where we'll cover what's on your mind, so you get the help and support you need every step of the way. 

Don't have a question that week, great! Some of the best value is learning from others so you can start to see your own blind spots. 

Either way, you'll have fun in these sessions while you learn new things about yourself.



Rising tides raises all the ships. Be one of the ships and you'll see how powerful you really are

Studies show who you hang around, influences who you are. That's what the community is aimed at doing, help you realize you're not alone and to build friendships with other guys looking to improve their life.



Who doesn't love extra bonuses!? 

  • Top 10 most impactful books that will change your life, forever
  • Goal setting techniques so you can make those resolutions actually stick this time
  • Dream life exercise that gets you super clear on what you want in life so you can start running towards it

As time goes on, the bonus section of the program will expand. Just know I've got goodies up the sleeve that I can't wait to share with you. 


Eric Yusko CPC,ELI-MP is not your average guy. After 15 years being in the aerospace industry as an engineer, he jumped feet first into helping men live better lives, and within a few years, had helped many men change the trajectory of their life. He’s always been a guy people confided in, bringing problems/issues to, because they would walk away feeling better and knowing exactly what they needed to do.


Eric’s humble upbringing, growing up on a farm has helped him connect with so many men because of the real-life, practical advice instead of the pie in the sky woo-woo self improvement that seems to be everywhere these days. When he is not coaching men, you’ll find him on his homestead with his wife and daughter living out his best life….because let’s face it, why work with someone who isn’t applying what he’s teaching.


Build a Better Life Group Coaching Program

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