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If you’re like 85% of men in today’s world, you have regrets, are struggling for energy and wish life was different. Seem familiar? Well, I’ve lived that life.


I struggled for many years to live life the way I really wanted. I was the last of my friends to get married so I was always the single guy that was put in the friend’s zone and it wasn’t until I realized there was a recipe for getting what you want in life. Once I figured out what that recipe was and started applying it, I found my now wife of my dreams, am in the best shape of my life and am the happiest I’ve ever been.


I created the Exceptional Life Program to help men realize there is a recipe and you too can get the life you desire most and you don’t have to wait and struggle as much as I did.

Nick Bonitatibus

“Eric is Amazing! After one conversation with him, he was able to reshape my perspective. I was having trouble breaking a habit and he was able to break it down to why. Once I figured that out – no more bad habit. Eric is a remarkable individual and if you get the chance to work with him – DO IT! He will go above and beyond to get you the results you are after!”

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • The tools / habits / mindsets necessary to help you live a life on your terms

  • LIFETIME support as you continue your journey and reach new heights

  • How to get everything you ever wanted and leave behind the rationalizations you used to use saying “but it’s because of x that I’m not living here, doing that or spending my life with these people.

  • Step-by-step process that I’ve used with many clients for how to build a life by YOUR design.

You might be thinking, "great for you, but if I can't make simple changes last, how can I live a life on MY terms"

You might be thinking, “great for you but, if I can’t make simple changes last, how can I transform my life” We’ve all been there with the self-doubt, thinking if I can’t consistently work out during the week, how will I ever make the money I want, find that special someone that finds me attractive, travel and do all the thing I want to do in this life.


I’m here to tell you I used to think the same way, until I realized that how I was approaching change was completely backwards. It wasn’t until I realized that people who were able to achieve everything in their life weren’t superhuman, or have special powers or had more time. Instead, those people just knew something that I didn’t.


Once I learned that I could see behind the curtain and make any change in my life in an instant. I then started applying what I knew to every aspect of my life and before I knew it I was living my exceptional life. I want that for you and can’t wait for you to experience the same level of happiness and joy that I’ve been able to build into my life.



Chad Sutton

“All this coaching stuff, seems like BS at the beginning. However, when you go through it and practice it, you become more self-aware and start to self-correct in stressful situations. When you do that, you start seeing real results”

Here's who you'll become after this program:

  • You’ll walk away thinking about life TOTALLY differently, because you will no longer be confused about the person in the mirror and what he is capable of doing.

  • Because of the clarity around your life’s vision, you’ll be surprised with how much energy you’ll get. But don’t worry, we won’t stop there.

  • You’ll feel supported and empowered to go after YOUR exceptional life because you’ll be surrounded with like-minded guys going after their goals

Step #1 

We'll define what an Exceptional Life is to YOU, aka, what fires YOU up.

Step #2

Once your North Star is established, we work on identifying and removing your blind zones that are keeping you stuck.

Step #3

Now that your foot is off the brake pedal, we work on the daily habits and tactics to keep you moving forward and living YOUR Exceptional Life, today

This program is for you if you're a guy who...

  • Knows there’s more to life than just what you’ve been doing.

  • Dreams of the life you want to live or the things you want to have in your life, but just don’t know how to get it.

  • Made changes in your life before, but it just ends in frustration, overwhelm and ultimately leaves you postponing your goals.


Pay in Full


Payment Plan

$690 for 4 months

If you're any of the following, this might NOT be for you:

  • If you’re stubborn and don’t want coaching
  • You’re “just fine” with how your life is going
  • You’re not curious in living your potential in both life and business

Exceptional Life Program Structure & Flow 

The program is laid out to provide you with bite size information and then follow up to make sure we remove roadblocks at every turn.


We’ll meet twice a month on Tuesdays for 90 minute workshop sessions. We’ll gather in the #exceptionallife Zoom room from 8-9:30p ET. I do prefer that you can join each session live, but there will be a recording of each session should you need to watch the replay.


We’ll also meet 1-on-1 twice a month for 30 minutes on zoom to make sure you’re supported and we get you help as something comes up for you.

The Exceptional Life Program Investment

The investment for this hands-on program is $2,760


Side note: Can we be brutally honest for a moment?


If you’re weighing out whether this is a worthwhile investment, think about it this way. If you’re living YOUR Exceptional Life, making the money you want to make, spending your day doing what you want to do; is that worth a one-time investment that comes with lifetime support?


Someone once told me, the most expensive lessons are personal experience. If you can spend money to get further ahead, do it. You’ll save much less in the long run and get your goals sooner.



"The most significant learning has come from the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. The ELI Assessment was a powerful tool to understand how I react to stress and enabled me to concentrate my energy in a more positive way to achieve my goals. Coaching has strengthened my belief in my myself and empowered me to express more of my potential and creativity.” – David Zapata

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

$690 for 4 months

Meet your Host

Hello, my name is Eric Yusko and I created Man of Class for one reason. That reason, to change the way men live their lives. 

Men were raised, even taught to "man up", don't cry, figure it out and just live the emotionless life because it's a weakness. Fast forward, those men who listened endure a life of pain, loneliness and depression because they isolate themselves from the very essence of life, emotions. Just like a flower without water, it will wither and die right where it's planted. 

I couldn’t stand for that, and so Man of Class was born, a place where men can ditch ordinary, live exceptionally and find joy doing it.  Where we work to break down the limiting beliefs, gremlins and any other names you want to name the resistance in life. I focus on the 3 pillars of life; Identity, Relationships and Purpose because just like a 3-legged stool it will never wobble. Add too many legs to a stool and it’ll always wobble, same goes for life.