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New You in 90 Days

Having a coach in your corner is like having locksmith on call to get you through the doors that are keeping you stuck in the room you're in.  Here's what we'll cover together:

  • Build your awareness muscle so you can start seeing how you're showing up, and how many opportunities might be right there in front of you 
  • Once we have the awareness, we can work on clarity. That clarity will help you develop your "North Star" which will be the guide for how you're showing up in all areas of your life. 
  • After we have Awareness and Clarity, the final step is Execution. This is the ACE method that I've used many times with my clients to get them the life they desired. 

My previous clients are AMAZED at how much life they've been missing out on and I'm excited for you to experience the same thing.  

What People Are Saying:

Eric is a truly remarkable coach. He has incredible ability to know people and to say just the right thing when you need it most. Eric is one of those individuals you can always count on to help get you to where you want to go. He’s filled with a wealth of knowledge and tools to show you the way. I highly recommend Man of Class!!

Nick Bonitatibus

After working just over 1-hour session with Eric, I literally felt like a thousand-pound weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I was in a completely heightened mood, a total 360-degree perspective shift. The feeling I had was of total empowerment and clarity. I can't thank him enough for his high level of wisdom, guidance, and expertise. Looking forward to progressing more as we go along and reach my full potential! Seriously, I can't thank him enough!

Mark E.

Eric has helped me get out of my own way and identify the source of limiting beliefs that were holding me back from my true potential. We continue to work together because to get to the exceptional life I am crafting, there are growth points all along the way. Remember friends, you don’t have problems you have opportunities for growth and all things can be changed!

Chad Sutton

All this coaching stuff, seems like BS at the beginning, but when you go through it and practice it, you become more self-aware and start to self-correct in stressful situations. When you do that, you start seeing real results.

Zane K.

Working with Man of Class has been critical for my personal growth and my business performance. Eric has a gift to listen and ask questions that led me to understand why I was showing up to life as I was. More importantly, he was able to provide me with the tools to purposefully become more of my authentic self and respond to life appropriately. I would highly recommend the opportunity to invest in yourself by working with Man of Class

David Zapata