My name is Eric Yusko and I want to be real with you for a second, so you can get a sense of who I am and what I’m about.


I grew up on a farm in the NE part of Ohio and loved every minute of it. Farm life taught me to be humble, whether shoveling crap, bailing hay or fixing what’s broken on the farm, no matter how smart or successful you think you are it always had a way of showing you what you don’t know or don’t understand. That same lesson that was burned in my brain early on, is still ever present today no matter how much success I’ve acquired.

Ever since I was in grade school learning about the renaissance men throughout history, I was ignited and inspired to become one of them. They would master so much throughout their lives and continuously grow and adapt no matter what was happening in society during their time. They become masters in the arts, the sciences, politics and leaders of society that would truly shape the history books as we read them today. That inspiration that started when I was 8 years old would be the same north star that would guide me to the self-development journey to this very day.   

Throughout my teenage years, I wasn’t the popular kid, the cool kid, the smart kid or the highly ambitious. That inspiration that I just shared was damped when I was diagnosed with being ADHD and was told that my inability to focus and concentrate would prevent me from ever becoming successful. I felt that maybe I couldn’t be one of those greats that I would read and learn about because I’m sure they didn’t have ADHD but rather had intense focus to be able to achieve everything that they achieved. (insert major limiting belief)

I found passion and joy tinkering and working on cars and motorcycles. It was a sense of peace and calm that I could get into, understanding how things worked and what made them work. In that time, I restored a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang with my dad and that became my new passion. My parents at the time challenged me; if I figured out how things worked, could I make them better than they were originally. That then kicked off more than a decade dedicated to engineering where I became relentless at learning how things worked. This reignited my passion for becoming one of the men in the history books and finally be able to overcome my limiting belief that ADHD would be the end of me.

I told myself if I could figure out HOW and WHY they were successful then maybe it was still possible for me too. So, I studied, I read, I learned…. day and night…. book after book…..studying person after person. What I found was that in my constant, unrelenting self-improvement others were inspired. I found myself starting to help those in similar tough spots in their life, overcoming the doubt and making lasting change. My tenacious curiosity of what made people tick and what their limiting beliefs were, enabled me to help them make massive shifts in their lives and provide a fresh perspective that could significantly change their outcomes on life if they chose. People often referred to me as their “life coach” because of how I helped them.  At that time, I was too focused on the forest to see the trees.

More and more, people would tell me that I should seriously consider changing careers and becoming a life coach, but still I never listened. It wasn’t until I found the love of my life, Amber, and she told me one night after I got off the phone with an old friend that I would really be a good life coach for men. I knew then that (and history has taught me) when Amber says something, she’s usually right. After that night, I decided to take coaching seriously, by getting certified in coaching and dedicating my time to helping men unleash the best versions of themselves. What I found, much like myself, is that men don’t want to be on their deathbed and realize they are dying an ordinary man but instead are inspired to do and be greatness in their unique version. Sadly, they are restricted, hindered and anchored down with all the reasons why it’s not possible for them. 

As men we are raised, even taught to “man up”, don’t cry, figure it out, be the breadwinner for the family and don’t ever be emotional or affectionate because you’ll be seen as weak. Often, men grow up doing what society has preached to them for many years, only to find that the road is lonely, painful and depressing because we’ve isolated ourselves from the very essence of life, emotions. Just like a flower without water, it will wither and die right where it’s planted.

I couldn’t stand for that, and so Man of Class was born, a place where men can ditch ordinary, live exceptionally and find joy doing it.  Where we work to break down the limiting beliefs, gremlins and any other names you want to name the resistance in life. I focus on the 3 pillars of life; Identity, Relationships and Purpose because just like a 3-legged stool it will never wobble. Add too many legs to a stool and it’ll always wobble, same goes for life.

Regardless of your past, where you came from, what you’ve done and where you want to go, I want you to feel safe knowing that Man of Class is for here for you. Man of Class is there for the men who are ready to make change in their lives, change that will lead them to more of a stable, joyful and successful life in the way YOU define instead of how others try and define it for you. If you haven’t already, set up some time with me to chat or make sure to listen into my podcast.


Welcome and I’m excited to see what greatness you’ll show the world,


Eric M. Yusko  

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