How to get out of work-related stress

Did you know that 80% of workers feel stress on the job, where nearly 50% of them say the need help in learning how to manage stress. So if you stumbled on to this article, I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. 

Even before the pandemic, work-related stress (WRS) was one of the most common things that was impacting how people lived. Often times they would go to work, get stressed out, get paid, use that money to buy something or try to mask the stress, only to go back into the office and get stressed out again. That behavior left people broke, stressed and no real solution to the problem. 

Before we get into how do we fix stress, it's always helpful to go deeper into the problem. There was a 2006 survey that still reigns true today as it did in 2006. It stated that 46% WRS came from workload, 28% of WRS came from people issues , 20% came from a lack in work-life balance and the last 6% came from workers feeling a lack of job security. 


Now at this...

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The Unconscious Loser

Society today has given the word "loser" a bad wrap. People shun away from being called a loser, thinking they are a loser, even if they are showing loser type qualities. 

First let's start with defining what that word even means, anyways.

 "A loser is a person or thing that is put at a disadvantage by a particular situation or course of action." 

How many times have you been at a disadvantage and once you became aware of it, you could course correct and go from losing to winning. The only way you could make that shift is by acknowledging you were at a disadvantage

...You didn't know enough about the game, you didn't have enough experience to handle objection, you didn't know the right people and the list goes on. Once you get aware of that disadvantage though, you can make a change to better your playing field. That's only true when you are consciously aware of the disadvantage though. 

So how does that work when you aren't even aware of why you're...

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Loosen the Grip on Anger

If you're a man, chances are you have some anger. But what do you do with that anger, do you lift it it out...drink it away....or deal with it until you explode on someone. If that summed you up pretty well, then i'm glad this page found you. 

Anger, much like any emotion happens without much warning...or does it? I'm here to tell you today, if you feel yourself getting angry for no reason then it's time for some self-reflection. All emotions can be predicted once you know yourself(sure Eric, that's easy enough-insert eye roll). What do I mean by that, just like you know that spending time with friends and/or family (depending on how much you like your family) will bring you happiness and you look forward to it, the same goes for anger. You may not know it yet, but once someone knows what makes you angry they can trigger you whenever they want....well shit. However, that opens up a MASSIVE opportunity for you to do some self-reflection and figure out the last time...

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Episode 20 | How to Avoid Soggy Goals

podcast season 0 Feb 16, 2020

Did I just use soggy goals in a title, yep and we get into what it means to have a soggy goal and how to avoid them. Ok, I'll let you in on what it is, it's when you set out to achieve a certain goal and over time it becomes soggy and you end up abandoning it or never actually getting what you want. Just like bread with too much water turn soggy and falls apart, same comes true with your goals (well, minus the water). 


Make sure to leave a review of the podcast and let me know what insights you've taken away from this podcast on your social media account @ericyusko. 


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Podcast Pilot Episode

podcast season 0 Jul 23, 2019


Brief introduction of what will be covered and the vision for the podcast. Follow the podcasts as well as follow me on IG @ericyusko and on Facebook @manofclassbrothers to stay connected.

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Episode 1 | Two Minds & What To Do With Them

podcast season 0 Jul 23, 2019


Opening yourself up to the understanding of having two minds and what two minds means to you on an every day basis is important. Being aware of the two minds can help open yourself up to more happiness, fulfillment and passion in life.


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