I’m sure you’ve heard in order to have the life of your dreams you need to have the right habits to get you there.


Better habits can look like communication to improve relationships, work ethic/money management to build wealth or even working out to get into shape. The thing is that habits can be a tricky thing to figure out, let me explain. 


Most guys still prescribe to an old belief system that in order to build better habits, it requires reading books on habits, copying other peoples’ habits or using will power to forge them.


As a result, these guys are driven to burnout and failure as they work harder and longer for routines that never turn into habits. And what’s worse, is in this pursuit for better habits, they end up sacrificing everything else that matters in their life…like their health, family and happiness. What sort of dream life is that?


Now, if you’ve been operating this way yourself, it’s not your fault. It’s the medicine that most gurus prescribe. But here’s the question for you: if reading books, copying other people’s habits and using will power built successful habits…..how many people do you know who already do this until their eyeballs bleed and AREN’T sticking with their habits and living their same old boring life?!? Probably more than one, ya?


But here’s what’s crazy about this: in my 15 years of helping men improve their lives, I’ve accrued a ton of experience and worked with a TON of other successful men, and the phenomenon is the same across the board: Habits are built through self-mastery.


But, how can that be true!?


I’ve found that self-mastery gives you the customizable playbook on building better habits for you and you alone, which will lead to you ultimately living the life of your dreams. It makes sense if you think about it: to build habits, it requires you to do things you haven’t done before and to do that, you need to become aware of the routines that already run your life.


Have you ever noticed that some habits are easy to adopt and others feel like you’ll never get them to stick? Well, that’s because there’s something about yourself that you haven’t learned yet in order to make that habit you’re trying to adopt stick.


Let me give you an example; we’ve all known someone (maybe even yourself) who has tried to quit smoking. All the information is readily available, smoking increases chances of lung cancer, it’s bad for you, costs too much and everyone in your life is trying to get you to quit. The person trying to quit, can read every book on habits, addiction, copy what people have done to quit smoking before and even use will power to drop the habit. How often is that still not enough?


There’s something missing, the relationship of what the smoking routine is still providing that person, there’s some entanglement that until it’s understood will leave the person beating their head against the wall, telling themselves it’s the last pack of cigarettes they’ll ever buy and sadly, they’ll be back by the end of the month saying the same thing again.   


But how do you achieve self-mastery?


Self-mastery requires you to learn about yourself in ways you haven’t really explored yet. It requires you to take a deep dive into your thoughts, feelings, and actions you take every day.



New You in 90 Days


The “New You in 90 days” was created because of this exact need. How to get you from a place of struggling with habits, to having the habits you need become second nature which ultimately enables you to live life on your terms.


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"Eric is amazing. After one conversation with him, he was able to reshape my perspective. I was having trouble breaking a habit and he was able to break it down to why. Once I figured that out - no more bad habit. 

Eric is a remarkable individual and if you get the chance to work with him - DO IT! He will go above and beyond to get you the results you are after!"
- Nick Bonitatibus, Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

Here's what we'll cover inside the New You in 90 Days:

  • Create a baseline assessment of who are and how you’re showing up today (think of this as where you’re spending most of your energy that isn’t getting you the results)
  • Learn the 4 things that’s keeping you stuck and ways of moving past each one
  • Understand what makes you tick, so you can align your new habits with your strengths to make it easier to adopt
  • Gain clarity on where you’re headed, aka your purpose to align where and what role the habits are playing in your life.
  • 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching to get that constant feedback, blind spot awareness/prevention, and accountability to help you get your habits to stick for good this time
  • Finalize our time together with another assessment to show you your progress so you can see it for yourself how much you’ve improved

"People do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future" - F.M. Alexander


"All this coaching stuff, seems like BS at the beginning, but when you go through it and practice it, you become more self-aware and start to self-correct in stressful situations. When you do that, you start seeing real results." 


 - Chad Sutton, Founder NextGen Real Capital


Pay up Front



3 month purchase plan


Return on Investment:

Here’s some examples of what could be saved or better utilized if you had better habits.


  • Average gym membership that doesn’t get used because your habits for going to the gym aren’t sticking. $480-$840 per year
  • Average grocery bill of wasted food per month due to the habits of preparing and eating healthier not being implemented. $3,000 per year
  • Average couples therapist to improve your relationship that’s suffering with your spouse because you haven’t implemented better communication habits. $2,400-$4,800
  • Average cost of missing a promotion because it requires you to be a better leader, more clear communicator or clearer thinker. (5% raise on $80,000 salary) over 10 years is $40,000
  • Relationships ending in divorce due to better relationship habits not being implemented, $15,000-$20,000.


In each of the scenarios, making an investment of $2,097 in your life right now can return your money 10X over your lifetime with avoiding certain painful costs and better maximizing costs you have (ie gym costs, grocery bills for healthy food etc.)


I didn’t even cover the cost of living a happier, more fulfilling life when you get your habits dialed in and start living with intent and purpose. (priceless)

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Clarity Drives Action


Consistent Clarity Drives Consistent Action

 - Eric M. Yusko -