The Unconscious Loser

blueprint losing money self-reflection success time winning Mar 01, 2021

Society today has given the word "loser" a bad wrap. People shun away from being called a loser, thinking they are a loser, even if they are showing loser type qualities. 

First let's start with defining what that word even means, anyways.

 "A loser is a person or thing that is put at a disadvantage by a particular situation or course of action." 

How many times have you been at a disadvantage and once you became aware of it, you could course correct and go from losing to winning. The only way you could make that shift is by acknowledging you were at a disadvantage

...You didn't know enough about the game, you didn't have enough experience to handle objection, you didn't know the right people and the list goes on. Once you get aware of that disadvantage though, you can make a change to better your playing field. That's only true when you are consciously aware of the disadvantage though. 

So how does that work when you aren't even aware of why you're losing in life? What if you can't seem to make, keep or even grow money? Maybe it's more time for you, you can't seem to get enough time, you're always late and feeling overwhelmed playing defense that you couldn't possibly play offense. There is a disadvantage in there somewhere and unless you become conscious of it, you'll just end up losing over and over again. What do you do next? 

It's time for you to get a blueprint for your life. Start becoming aware of the unconscious so you can take control and end the losing streak.

Just like in sports, once the team becomes aware of what's keeping them from putting wins on the scoreboard, they can start winning. If they don't ever become aware of it, then they'll just keep losing game after game wondering what the heck is going on. 

When you're ready to end the losing streak, click here, you'll end the unconscious loser and you'll start winning. To become aware, i've created a blueprint that will shift the unconscious to the conscious to you can start winning today. Let's start seeing your face in the winners circle. 



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