How to get out of work-related stress

Did you know that 80% of workers feel stress on the job, where nearly 50% of them say the need help in learning how to manage stress. So if you stumbled on to this article, I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. 

Even before the pandemic, work-related stress (WRS) was one of the most common things that was impacting how people lived. Often times they would go to work, get stressed out, get paid, use that money to buy something or try to mask the stress, only to go back into the office and get stressed out again. That behavior left people broke, stressed and no real solution to the problem. 

Before we get into how do we fix stress, it's always helpful to go deeper into the problem. There was a 2006 survey that still reigns true today as it did in 2006. It stated that 46% WRS came from workload, 28% of WRS came from people issues , 20% came from a lack in work-life balance and the last 6% came from workers feeling a lack of job security. 


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